Blue And White Bowl With Hare Design | China, 13-14C


A blue-and-white bowl fired in Jingdezhen in the Yuan dynasty. Its placid and pastoral impression, which is different from the blue-and-white porcelain that later became the most prosperous.

It is said that it was the potters and painters the Cizhou ware, who fled from the war, emigrated and and gave birth of the blue-and-white in Jingdezhen. This is probably the reason why the early blue-and-white said to be related to iron paintings and over glazed enamel, and the painting of the hare on this bowl was originally a design favored by the northern people like Khitan and Jurchen.

Discoloration and the glaze peeling off that was occurred in the earth, and small chip on the base can be seen, but there is no earthy odor and there are no defects such as hairline or crack.

W12.5cm × H5cm
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