Karatsu Ware Flat Cup Covered With Ash Glaze | Japan, 16-17C


A Karatsu ware small dish fired in between the Momoyama and the early Edo period and was kept in the earth for a long time.

The ash glaze that was widely used in the early Karatsu ware has a dull dark green color. It presumed to be from one of the Handokame kilns,, Matsuura type. However it is difficult to authenticate which kiln was made because this kind of small dish was fired in various parts of Hizen area kilns.

Since the distortion of the vessel shape happens to be like a spout, it would be excellent to use it as a Katakuchi (spouted bowl for serving sake). Although it is aged, the luster remains in a wide parts and it will not be a problem for practical use.

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