Hirado-type Karatsu Ware Sake Bottle (Tokkuri) | Japan, 18C


A Karatsu ware white glaze Tokkuri (sake bottle) in the middle to late Edo period. It features the alluring pale persimmon-colored texture that would have been made alteration while the sake soaked into the crackle glaze.

Although it is a potterious clay made, its delicate and elegant shape is reminiscent of Imari ware porcelain. It may be from a Hirado-type Karatsu ware kiln that also produced porcelain, or it may have been made by an Imari ware potter in a Karatsu ware kiln. It is a sake bottle that embodies the deep relationship between the two wares, which cannot be explained only by the difference in the clay and shipping port.

There is a tiny restore with the same color on the rim that can only be seen by squinting. Since the base is not completely horizontal, it has a very slight wobble, but there is no problem in practical use and also suitable as a flower vase.

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