Tamba Ware Teeth Blackening Container | Japan, 17-18C


Teeth blackening was widely practiced in Southeast Asia, Southern China, Japan and elsewhere as the custom for beauty before western beauty standard was dominate. In case of Japan, they called this custom ‘Ohaguro‘ was for beauty by especially aristocratic men and women, started at least more than thousand years ago and later it became more like ritual for married women untill 19C.

This small pot was used in Japan for containing the liquid, and it is called “Ohaguro Tsubo“. This special liquid made by dissolving iron filings in vinegar might effect to peel the glaze off so when you look into the inside, the fallen glaze sticks to the bottom, and the scenery like the entrance of hell spreads out.

This piece probably fired in Tamba, current Hyogo Prefecture. Although the water leaks from the cracks seen at the center, there is no water leakage from the bottom. It’s no problem in use as a flower holder. May you arrange flowers in the abyss of Asia.

W12cm × H10cm
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