Southern Song Dynasty Small Jar Covered With Brown Glaze | China,12-13C

¥24,000 JPY

A brown glaze jar that was fired in today’s Jiangxi-Fujian during the Southern Song Dynasty. It is presumed that it was made around the Jizhou and Ryoshu kilns, which are related to tea wares, such as Tenmoku tea bowl and Karamono tea caddy.

This small jar, which has a splendid flared base, is not something that can be likened to the so-called Karamono tea caddy. However, those Karamono tea caddies that were brought from China to Japan were just small jars and transformed to tea caddies by tea masters.

It has a wide mouth and seems to have been a miscellaneous item, but it somehow shows a virtuous impression. If you put a lid and a silk pouch together, it will be an unique Taikai tea caddy. There are no notable defects and the condition is good.

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