Kihara Kiln Karatsu Ware Blue-And-White Tea Bowl | Japan, 18C


A Totai-Sometsuke tea bowl with foliage design fired in a Kihara kiln categorized as Hirado type Karatsu ware. Totai-Sometsuke is a term that is a type of blue-and-white but made with pottery clay not porcelain. The subdued color of underglazed painting is reminiscent of early Ko-Imari ware and they are often confused.

At the Kihara kiln, which originally used to produce E-Karatsu (Brush Decorated Karatsu Ware) style large plates, was made potterious Blue-and-white in the process of developing porcelain. It was a Korean potter who opened the kiln, but many of the painting styles show the influence of Jingdezhen and the local kilns in southern China. That fact may indicate that possibility of the Chinese Ming dynasty technique having been transmitted into Karatsu.

There are no notable defects other than some kiln scratches and glaze lacking in small parts. Most of the Kihara kiln tea bowls are excavated piece, and it is rare to be found in such good condition.

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