Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain “Katade Type” Tea Bowl | Korea, 15-16C


A “Katade type” white porcelain bowl made in the early Joseon dynasty. The rim is undulated and the foot looks crude finish, but it is an almost perfect porcelain quality when the dawn of porcelain production on the Korean peninsula.

The ceramic fired in the local kilns on the peninsula at that time were mainly used by the residents living near the kilns. It is presumed that it was supplied to the privileged people in the surrounding area, as these Katade type vessels are often seen in the works of Gyeongsangnam-do.

White porcelain becomes bluish due to the amount of iron contained in the clay. However, the potter him/herself would not have imagined turning it out for this light turquoise like serene winter sky.

The uneven cracks of the foot are the trace of removing the stucking clay. There are two hairlines, the one from the rim and the one inside the surface, but there is no water leakage.

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