Sawankhalok Celedon Jar With Two Handles | Thailand, 15C

¥8,000 (tax included)

This small jar was made around the 15th century in Sawankhalok, Thailand’s largest ceramic kilns area. The usage of this type of vessels are not definite, but it might have added some perfume or seeds of plants.

Thai pottery style reached to the peak around the 13th to 14th century by technical guidance by Chinese potters. Starting from imitation of Song and Yuan celadon and blue and white porcelain, the later they began to show a style that has more specialized by them, but they ebbed and abandoned the kilns around the 17th century.

This small jar is also following the style of the Longquan Ware, but the shape of a sharp-pointed gourd is unique, and the distortion of the shape seen at the early works of this region were not seen. From above, It is considered that is a work from their primal time.

None of especial damage and the condition is very good. Its narrow mouth is optimal for arranging a single flower.

H10.5cm × W7.5cm
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