Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain “Katade Type” Tea Bowl | Korea, 16-17C


A small bowl of coarse white porcelain baked in the middle of the Joseon dynasty. The rounded hip, the opened lip, and the Kagamiochi (the circular dint inside of the bowl) are reminiscent of a Komogai chawan (a type of tea bowl formerly imported to Japan from the Korean port of Ungcheon).

It has a soft texture likely Kohiki (white slip), but the engobe was not applied. It might be categorized as Yawarakade type (softer texture type in a Katade type), which was made from Gyeongsangnam-do. The Hima (fire mark, unglazed part on the body) appears on the body, creating a rich landscape that does not seem to be the simplicity of a white porcelain, and it would grow while using it.

Although it is an excavated item, it has not much earthy aging and maintains a luster surface. There are minor defects from the firing process, and stains, minor hairlines but there are no cracks or chips, and no water leakage.
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