Karatsu Ware “E-Karatsu” Tea Caddy with Vines Pattern in Iron Painting | Japan, 17C


A Karatsu ware small jar with iron painting that would have been fired in the early Edo period. The shape of the vessel, the abacus-shaped body reminiscent of a salt jar on the bottom and the rim rises gently is impressive.

Although it has been inherited as a tea caddy, it presumed that it was originally a tableware that contained seasonings.There are countless rice husk marks on the base, and the clay contains rich iron. It might be the work of the Hirado Komoriya kiln, which was opened by a Korean potter who came after the Japanese invasion of Korea. The painting of vines that is going to extend in all directions seems to represent the trace of the potters who were repeatedly collected and spread.

There are no notable defects and the condition is good. Comes with a lid, a cotton pouch, and a box.

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