Karatsu Ware Tea Bowl“Muji-Karatsu” | Japan, 17C


A plain Karatsu tea bowl with a complex color tone of wood ash glaze mixed with straw ash. It was probably fired in the Shiinomineyama kiln in the early Edo period. The traces of the potter’s fingers left around the feet are imposing.

It is quite simple made but rather it has the style of tea pottery that is similar to the Agano ware of the same period, but the rounded shape with the long lip is resembring of the Kihara ware tea bowl.

In the 4th year of Bunroku (1595), a potter named Ei, female potter from Busan Korea, arrived and became the wife of Nakazato Shigeemon, a potter of Shiinomineyama kiln. It is said that after she lost her husband, Ei went to Mikawachi kiln with her children in the 8th year of Genwa (1622). At that time, Mikawachi and Kihara were the same village. Therefore it might be imaginable that she had told the Shiinominayama style to the Kihara potters.

It seems that it has been treated well for a long time after excavation. There is one silver repair on the lip and several hairlines in the crackle glaze, but the condition is generally good. Comes with a box.

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