Soma Ware Blue-and-White Tea Bowl with Horses Decoration | Japan, 19C


A slip ware blue-and-white small tea bowl fired in Soma, Fukushima from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era. This piece has quite a unique decoration that is blue painting on the engobe.

Soma ware would categorize into Soma-Koma ware, which were the official kilns for the clan, and Ohori-Soma ware, which were the folk kilns. This bowl is thought to be made in one of the folk kilns, but the dynamic horse painting is as good as that of the official kiln, and the bowl shape reminiscent of a Korai-Chawan conveys they had such high quality techniques. From those facts, the protection and support by the Soma clan was held for both the official and folk kilns, such as restricting the distribution of Mino and Seto ware in the region.

The white slip is very rich in nuance, which is similar to Hirashimizu ware that is also Ohori-Soma’s potters were involved to found the kiln. There are two minor natural spots on the inside rim and a chip on the feet, but overall in good condition.

W11.5cm × H5.5cm
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