Karatsu Ware Black Glazed Small Bottle “Kuro-Karatsu” | Japan, 16C


A small bottle of Kuro-Karatsu (black glazed Ko-Karatsu) from Momoyama to the early Edo period. A small amount of straw ash glazes are splashed to the shoulder and spout, and it can be called Chŏsen-Karatsu as well.

The bottom is covered with the sticking clay but it seems to be made with the technique Itaokoshi (slab building). It is probably the work of Fujikawauchi kiln which is the renowned kiln that produced many masterpieces of Chŏsen-Karatsu. Most of these small sake bottles were made as daily miscellaneous items, but this bottle might have been born as one of the teaware Furidashi (sugar candy bottles) because of the horizontal straight shoulder shape and the aperture size is large enough to put sugar candy.

There are no notable defects other than a slight rough surface on the shoulder. Many of these sake bottles are chipped, and this in good condition is very valuable. Comes with a box.

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