Ming Dynasty Yunnan Ware Sake Bottle with Abstract Pattern in Iron Painting | China, 15C

¥32,000 JPY

A sake bottle fired in Yuxi kiln in Yunnan province in the Ming dynasty. A transparent glaze is applied to the white clay, and an abstract pattern that looks like snakes or bats in iron painting is drawn on the shoulder.

In Yunnan, where Funerary art was deeply rooted, most of the ceramic had been produced as grave goods. However, in the Ming dynasty, when the grave goods were replaced to Jingdezhen porcelain, local kilns shifted to the production of practical ceramics such as rituals and table wares.

This sake bottle must have been made as a sake set. In addition to iron painting, the simple and sturdy made is reminiscent of Cizhou ware. When many Han Chinese fled to the south due to the turmoil of the Jin Dynasty(1115–1234), the technique of North China was brought to the land of Yunnan. The idyllic style of Yunnan ware is similar to Seto ware in Japan, and Sukhothai pottery which has roots in Cizhou ware.

There are no defects and no water leaks other than one repair on the rim and one on the base.

W11cm × H20cm
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