Joseon Dynasty Northern Korea Ware White Slip Plates in Blue Painting, Set of 2 | Korea, 18-19C


Small plates made in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. The engobe was applied around the body and the base, and the dark cobalt was used for the painting. Although those features convey that it is a work of the late Joseon Dynasty, it is an interesting piece which has different genealogy from South Korean white slip wares and the blue and white wares.

Hoeryong and Myongchon in North Hamgyong Province are known as the main kilns in North Korea, but the clay quality is different from both kilns. The Chinese character design drawn in the center tells the influence of North China’s style, and from both the clay quality and the design, it can be inferred that it was fired in a kiln with a different stream from Hoeryong and Myongchon.

Since it is an excavated item, dirt and natural spots can be seen, but there are no cracks or chips, and no hairlines.

W9cm × H2cm
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