Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain “Katade Type” Tea Bowl | Korea, 16C

A mesmerizing tea bowl made in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty. It seems that it was baked in Gyeongsangnam-do, but the appearance of a soft opaque white glaze applied thinly on the iron-rich brown clay is reminiscent of the works made in the north.

There had been many examples of synchronicity in the works of Gyeongsangnam-do and North Hamgyong Province in both the South and the North of the peninsula. As the name of the “Komogai-Chawan” indicated, the ones made in North-Hamgyong Province, and then were shipped to Japan from the current Jinhae Port (Gyeongsangnam-do) where it was called “Komogai”. From those facts, the Gyeongsangnam-do’s “Katade type”, especially the sub-category called “Yawarakade” type like this bowl, was probably produced by imitating the works of the North.

An excavated heritage piece that has been used for many years. The swirling mark floating in the center of the raging foot, shows the microcosm that the tea master dreamed. Some hairlines appear, but they have been fixed with lacquer and gold, and there are no leaks. Comes with a wooden box. 

W14cm × H5.5cm
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