Blue And White Semi-Porcelain Dish | Southern China, 17-18C


A blue and white porcelain large dish baked in private kiln from Southern China in the Qing Dynasty. A cool painting is drawn on a simple and sturdy body, relieving its ruggedness.

The rice husks are found on the base. It is similar to the sand on base, which is used as to prevent welding of the wares when the stacking bake process , but this item has a simpler impression. In some cases, rice husks were stuck to ceramics in Taiwan and some parts of Japan, and it is probably the fact that potters had migrated from South China to those places.

The bottom of inside glaze is scraped off in the shape of a snake, which is a measure to prevent the mark of stacked baking. It is a dish, a folk art model filled with various wisdom and ingenuity at the time.

Good condition without remarkable damages.

W20cm × H4cm
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