Ayutthaya Dynasty Menam Noi Kiln Brown Glazed Small Jar | Thailand, 16C


A small jar made during the Ayutthaya dynasty in Thailand. It is presumed to be from the Menam Noi kiln because of its characteristic flat bottom and rim shape reminiscent of earthenware, and the coarsely streaked brown glaze.

The Menam Noi kiln is known by its name because it is located on the coast of the Noi River, a tributary of the Chao Phraya River, but it is also called the Sing Buri kiln from the prefecture name. Under the Ayutthaya dynasty, the production was separated as simple container jars were mainly made in the Menam Noi kiln, and the ornamental wares using iron paintings were in the North, Sawankhalok kiln.

The jars fired in Sing Buri had been transported to all around Asia such as Ryukyu, Japan, Indonesia for use on board ships and as containers for supplies, and their relics have also been found in the free port city Sakai and other shipwrecks. This jar was probably made as a container for export products.

The surface is aged and there are some glaze flaking, and minor chips on the rim, but it is simple and bold made and has the folky atmosphere.

W9cm × H8cm
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