Seto Ware Ash Glazed Sake Bottle | Japan, 17-18C

¥32,000 JPY

An ash glazed sake bottle made in the Seto and Mino region. It is believed that it was fired in a Ogama kiln in the early Edo period, and it retains the remnants of Ko-Seto style by the base that was scooped out and the dripping ash glaze.

The capacity of this sake bottle is a quarter of 1升(1800cc) which is the standardized size for the small size of Kayoi-tokkuri (liquor shop owned lending sake bottle). It has a profound appearance, as well as the standalized functionality. Therefore, it is a piece that conveys the time when the center of culture gradually shifts from samurai to merchants.

The surface mostly keeps its gloss. There are minor chips on the rim and base, and gold repairs on the rim, but it can be said that it is in very good condition for this era. There is an oily odor.

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