Goryeo Ware Ash Glazed Jar | Korea, 10-11C

¥21,000 JPY

An ash glazed jar fired in the early Goryeo period. It has an unusual pear shape. The dripping glaze flows the outside of the vessel, and the inside shows a relatively stable glaze tone close to that of celadon.

This jar was probably the work when the folk kilns turned from the black stoneware and began using the glazing technique. It is a transitional figure of glazed pottery that overlaps with Ko-Seto and ash-glazed pottery developed from Sue pottery in Japan.

Although some rough surface by ageing is seen, the condition is generally good. There are no notable defects, except a crack that was occurred during firing and a chip on the bottom. There is no water leakage, and it is ideal for flower arrangement and sake set.

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