Ryukyuan Tsuboya Ware Bottle “Yushi-bin” with Shell Ginger Design in Iron Painting | Okinawa, 19C

¥55,000 JPY

A sake bottle called “Yushi-bin”, which was fired at the end of the Ryukyu dynasty. It was mainly used for ceremonies and rituals, and was carefully kept in a safe place while it is not used.

This bottle has an elegant gourd-shaped curve, and shell ginger is drawn in the centre. Since the “Yushi-bin” is generally used in a solemn place, it is often plain design. However, this piece exceptionally has boldly drawn paintings in the body and rim. Also, the profound stains on the surface of the white slip tell that it was often used at the turning points of people’s life.

There are no notable defects other than kiln scratches.

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