Goryeo Celadon Small Jar Decorated With Peony Arabesque Design In Underglaze Iron Black | Korea, 12C

¥15,000 JPY

A celadon small oil jar made in Korea, Goryeo dynasty in the 12th century. There is a spiral shaving mark inside of the base which is in common with Irabo ware. The thick lined peony arabesque gives a rural beauty impression.

The rim of the oil jar in the Korean Peninsula at the time often has the specific shape like this. Originally this shape was popular in China before Tang, and it is taken over as the earthenware of the unified Silla era and inherited it in the peninsula.
This kind of oil jar is often said used for hair oil, but considering the background of the period, it is natural to think of it as a oil lamp jar.

Good condition without remarkable damages. The surface is a little decayed as an excavated piece, which gives even more profound taste. There is no soil smell and it is usable as a small sake bottle as well.

W8cm × H8cm
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