Joseon Dynasty Abacus Shaped Jar Covered with Brown Glaze | Korea, 15C

¥20,000 JPY

An abacus shaped jar called “Shioge type jar” fired in the early Joseon dynasty. It was probably made in the area between Chungcheongnam-do and Jeollanam-do. The lighter colour of the iron glaze rather than Kuro-Korai (black glazed Korean ware), is reminiscent of early Agano ware and Takatori ware. This jar has a decent abacus shape with its archaic wheel-piling marks.

The interior is glazed and clean, but with a slight earthy odour. The rim of the mouth is marked with a single hairline from the old days, but it does not run through the back. Comes with an old box marked “Shioge Tea Bowl”.

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