Tang Dynasty Sancai Jug With Blue Dot Design | China, 8C

¥24,000 (tax included)

In the Tang Dynasty, ancient burials became more prosperous, and colorful pottery called “Tang Sancai,” which using glazes of copper (green), iron (reddish brown), manganese (purple), cobalt (blue), and antimony (creamy off-white) colored, made for grave goods in burials (burial wares) of the whealthy people.

This small water jug is also a kind of Tang Sancai made as a burial ware. The dots are painted with blue cobalt glaze and the white base color came from transparent glaze which is paticular for Tang Dynasty. Since the East-West exchange through the Silk Road was also active, the style has an ancient Oriental taste. Many non-Chinese shapes, such as Persian and Greek influenced style, was commonly favored at the time.

Very good condition. It is functional as inside of the spout passes, but it is suitable for ornamental as how its made.

W10cm × H8cm
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