Joseon Dynasty White Slip “Amamori” Tea Bowl | Korea,16C


A mesmerizing tea bowl fired in the first half of the Joseon dynasty. It has the shape of a peach forme that is tea masters favoured, and a lilac-coloured rain leaks spread on the cloudy glaze with a moisture texture. As it tells the true aesthetics of the Korai-chawan in details such as the glaze dripping on the wall of the sandy cray body.

It is a work that is similar to Asakawa Noritaka’s beloved “Asaka”, which has been inherited as am Ido-chawan, but since this piece is covered with engobe on the base cray, it is whiter than of Ido-chawan. The refreshing appearance that flutters in the wind is ideal for summer tea bowl.

The inside remains that it has been used in the tea ceremony for many years. There are no noticeable defects other than kiln alterations and the condition is good. Comes with an old box.

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