Jin Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware White Slip Tea Bowl | China, 12-13C


A white slip bowl fired in a Cizhou-type kiln. Although this bowl was made as a plain white design, it is probably a work of the Jin dynasty, which is a later than a group of the so-called Julu type. A light pink coloured stain spreads on the matte textured surface, leaving four small marks in the centre. The curved shape is rare in the Cizhou ware, and is reminiscent of the coarse white porcelain of the Korean Peninsula, combined with the cloudy transparent glaze.

There are several very short hairlines and a chip on the rim, but it seems like those flaws occurred in old times and those are already merged into the piece. The green colour of matcha will glow well on the serene and natural colour of the vessel.

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