Ayutthaya Dynasty Green-glazed Jar “Liljualjuas” | Thailand, 17C

¥40,000 JPY

A green-glazed jar fired in the southern coastal areas of Thailand under the Ayutthaya dynasty. Same as Burmese pottery, the translucent green glaze is made by adding copper to a tin-lead glaze. They were sold filled with coconut oil and brought to Taiwan by the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

The VOC exchanged these jars for deerskins belonging to the aborigines (Rukai and Paiwan people) in Taiwan. After consuming the oil inside, the aborigines valued the empty jars as an important asset, and some of them still use them as wedding gifts. These jars, called “Liljualjuas” in the Paiwan language, show the and pride of the aborigines, who traded on a relatively equal footing with the VOCs who occupied the then Terra nullius of Taiwan. It is said that the VOC made a profit by selling the deerskins obtained from aborigines, in Nagasaki.

It is in good condition with a few scratches and stains and some chips on the base. There is already no smell of oil. The large curve on the base was probably for showing more than the actual volume.

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