Joseon Dynasty Hoeryong Ware Teabowl Covered with Opaque Reddish White Glaze


A straw-ash glazed teabowl fired in the late Joseon dynasty. It was probably used as a tableware in Hoeryong-gun and the surrounding area in North Hamgyeong Province.

This teabowl is paticular of its morning glory shape, which is rare in Hoeryong, and its soft vermillion colour on the rim. Although it is considered the ancestor of Karatsu ware, wood ashes were used in most cases in the Hoeryeong ware compared to straw ashes used in Madara-Karatsu and Chosen-Karatsu.

There is a lot of gravel in the clay and it has pinholes, but there is no water leakage. Apart from two minor chips on the rim, there are no other notable defects and in good condition.

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