Northern Song Dynasty Celadon Vase | China, 11-12C


A rice-coloured celadon vase with two ears. It is thought to have been fired during the Northern Song dynasty, as it retains a vestige of its ancestral bronze ware, and the glaze was carefully applied to the sides of the base.

The features are reminiscent of the Yue kilns and other related kilns, but to be considered by the prosperity of the Longquan kilns in the Northern Song dynasty, celadon in this area was already mature at that time. This small vase, still in the primitive celadon stage, is more likely to be made from a region north of the Yangtze River.

It is a small piece that tells the taste of medieval Chinese ceramics. There is a small flake of glaze on the rim of the mouth, but the overall condition is good with not much ageing. The small crack at the joint of the ears was caused during firing and has not been repaired.

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