Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Teabowl | Korea, 18-19C

¥17,000 JPY

A white porcelain tea bowl from the late Joseon dynasty. It is covered with a crackle blue-grey glaze, and coarse sand grains are welded to the foot.

It is similar in style to a type of semi-porcelain cups and bowls called “Ido-de”, but this piece is a porcelain close to celadon. Similar wares were also produced in Jongseong-gun (currently annexed to Joongseong-gun), North Hamgyeong Province, and although the place of origin is not clear, the thickness of the base and the weight are characteristic of the white porcelain of this period.

There is each one hairline on the bottom and the rim mixed up with crackle glaze but no water leakage.

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