Crackle Glazed Blue-and-White Small Plates, Set of Nine


Crackle-glazed blue-and-white ware small plates baked from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period. Feldspar glaze is thickly applied on the coarse gravel-mixed clay, and all the detailed leaves and flower patterns are hand-drawn. Since it has the Western-style design influenced by the Baroque style pattern, it is inferred to be either Hirado ware or Kameyama ware. Hirado ware consisted of several kilns belonging to the former Hirado domain. Kameyama ware was famous for high-ended blue-and-white porcelain but was in financial difficulty at the end of the Edo period and produced daily tableware as well.

There are some unglazed spots during firing and minor chips for each pieces, but there are no major defects.

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