Ming Dynasty Yunnan Dali Ware Blue and White Jar with Swirl Flower Design


A jar baked in a Dali kiln in Yunnan province during the Ming dynasty. Yunnan produced cobalt, which contains a large amount of manganese, shows a deep colour. This piece was made after the demand for burial goods was taken away by Jingdezhen, and the local kilns shifted to the production of household goods and were mainly used for storing wine, rice, tea leaves, etc., in the kitchen. It is a simple and powerful work like an archetype of Mingei, but it is conspicuous that it follows the design of the grave goods, such as the cloud design, which represents the heavenly world, into the flower design.

There are minor defects during the kiln process and soil adhesion. Also, minor chips can be seen on the rim and base, but the condition is generally good. The abundant spiritual shape is reminiscent of a full moon jar on the Korean Peninsula and can be appreciated solely without having flowers.

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