Goryeo Celadon Teabowl


A celadon bowl fired in Gangjin or Buan in the middle of the Goryeo dynasty. It opens straight from the side of the base, and made a curve the body, and the mouth is opened slightly. Since it has the light greenish-blue celadon glaze applied on the entire body even the bottom, convey the influence of Ru ware, the shape of the pottery shows the the potter habits, leaving traces of sand support instead of silica stone. It seems that the potter’s breathing can be heard from the bold work.

An excavated inherited piece retains a moist surface that is rarely seen for this type of piece. There was no leakage in the crack on the bottom that occurred during the kiln process, but it was finished with Kintsugi. Enter in an old box with the words “Goryeo Celadon bowl”.

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