Chōsen Blue and White Bottle with Phoenix Design | Korea, 19-20C


A blue and white bottle fired during the end of the Joseon dynasty to the Korea under Japanese rule. It is a design in which phoenix and peony are drawn in a powerful composition on the background of Seigaiha (Japanese wave pattern). Although the design has the influence of Ukiyo-e, the expression of the phoenix leaves the touch of Korean folk painting, Minhwa. The blue and white were actively produced in the former official kiln, Bunwon kiln, which had already been privatized at that time, but this is from the area around Gimhae. The combination of the glossy transparent glaze particular to the area and the vividly coloured artificial cobalt is unique.

There are no noticeable defects other than minor kiln flaws, stains in the crackle glaze, and two Kintsugi repairs on the mouth. Since there is no water leakage or oily odour, it can be used for a sake bottle or flower vase. Comes with a trapdoor box.

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