Ming Dynasty Ko-sometsuke Blue and White Bowl with Auspicious Creature Design


A unique Ko-sometsuke (Chinese blue and white for the Japanese market) bowl fired in a private kiln in Jingdezhen in the late Ming dynasty. It has the design of four legs strange creatures (or fruits), and Chinese traditional seal engravings. It shows the characteristics of “Teaware Ko-sometsuke” that responded to orders from Japan. The thick wall of the ware, the rim with Mushikui (praised glaze flakings), and the wavy and distorted shape, which are fitted to Wabisabi aesthetics, the reason why admirably inherited so long. A soft and tasteful skin is preferable, as well as the auspicious design full of allegory.

There are no noticeable defects and the condition is generally good, though there is a hairline on the inside foot that does not go through. The colouring generated from the pinholes of the glaze is harmonious. Comes with a box with a sticker saying “Chinese indigo Ko-some Bowl with insect pattern”.

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