Karatsu Ware Ko-Takeo Ash Glazed Flat Cup


A Ko-Takeo type Karatsu ware flat cup fired in the early Edo period. It is inferred to be the work of a Korean potter who came after the role of Keicho, from the conspicuous points in common with the early Joseon porcelain, such as the rim shape, the small Kagami-ochi in the centre of the front and the white clay marks around it. Well-watered fine-grained clay and pottery made but thin and neat vessel shape seems to signal the end of Kogaratsu.

A versatile size that can be widely used for sake sets and small bowls. The surface is slightly aged, but it seems to settle down little by little as it is used. There are no noticeable defects other than the chips on the base. Comes with a box.

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