Ko-Imari Kurawanka Type Iron Glazed Tea Bowl | Japan, 18C


Arita ware small bowl fired in the mid to later Edo period. The design of applying rust glaze to the outside of the vessel wall has been seen since the early Imari era, and it is probably originally inspired by the Tenmoku bowl. This piece, which has a large unglazed snake eye part, seems to be a Kurawanka type daily tableware, but the thin and neat shape does not give a cheap impression. It is a piece that tells the tea style of poverty, which corresponds to the Sencha-do that was beginning to become popular at that time.

There are no noticeable defects and the condition is good. It’s a little small to make Matcha, so it is suggested to use as sencha or as a daily vessel. Comes with a box.

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