Joseon Dynasty Brush Mark Slip “Hakeme” Tea Bowl


A Hakeme brushed-mark slip bowl fired in the middle of the Joseon dynasty. This bowl has no distortion of the shape as in the early days of Hakeme has, and the glaze applied on the entire base, and the brush marks are clear. It is thought that it was a custom-made item fired in a Japanese ruled kiln, Busan kiln, but it was made relatively early due to the adhesion of earth rust, and it was probably in the soil for a while. The bamboo joint-like foot, swirl mark inside the foot, and the clay marks on the front face are the highlights which are typical of Korean tea bowls, are rich in wildness.

There is a hairline on the rim, but it doesn’t go through the back. Come with an old box with the words “Mid Joseon Dynasty Hakeme Chawan”.

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