Uemura Ware White Porcelain Cup


A white porcelain cup excavated in the Hitoyoshi Kuma, Kumamoto. The bluish and clean glaze and the shape that curves from the bulgy waist are very similar to the Joseon white porcelain. It is conceivable since there is a record that Sagara Nagatsune, who participated the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598), brought back a Korean potter and made him live in Uemura, and this piece was produced there in the early Edo period and had been left in the kiln site. This is the piece that highlights the appearance of the early days of the Uemura ware which preceded the Isshochi ware, and had been responsible for much of the demand for pottery in the Hitoyoshi Kuma.

Both inside and outside are partially aged, minor chip on the base, and a kiln crack and two hairlines on the rim. The shape of the bowl is retained, and it is good for a sake cup and a small bowl.

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