Joseon Dynasty Blue and White Jar with Flower and Leaf Design

¥160,000 JPY

A blue and white jar fired during the Joseon dynasty. It has a rounded mouth and bulgy shape with angles on the waist and shoulders and has a sand-attached base. Drawn a flower and leaf design on the shoulder with an elegant light brushstroke and the plain below the torso. From the chic cobalt colour and the shape, it is considered to be the work of a folk kiln in the middle of the Joseon dynasty. Amamori (the stains on the surface regarded as a highlight) and glaze flowing create a landscape, further accentuating the beauty of honourable poverty.

Hairlines and minor flaws around, but they are from old times and are integrated with the scenery. There seems to be no water leakage, but using an inner vase for flowering is recommended. Come with a box.

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