Silla Stoneware Cup | Korea, 7-8C


A ceramic earthenware cup from Silla era in Korea. It is written from top to down “school building” in Japanese-Korean Kanji, “Daemyeondong”, “collected goods” in Korean Hangul. It seems to be information related to excavation.

Many of the earthenware at that time were shaped like metalware under the influence of Tang, and it mostly burial accessories but this cup was not decorative and the bottom was flat and stable. Therefore, it is highly considered as used item in daily life, not as a funeral. This rigid and minimalistic figure has a very sophisticated impression even from today’s view.

There is a repaired crack, and a part that looks like a crack on inside but it doesn’t pass through. No water leakage, but if you put water for a long time, we suggest to use a inner vase.

W11.5cm × H8.5cm
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