Chizou Ware Pottery Jar With Two Handles Decorated With Fish From Song Dynasty | China, 12-13C


A two handled jar fired in Cizhou . This piece is decorated with a technique called ‘Kakiotoshi’ (scraping), in which a black clay is applied to a white-decorated clay and then the black clay is scraped off to draw a pattern. It highly impressive that the curving decoration in two contrast colors with a significant fish in botanical background, and even a fish in each side have weirdly oppositional facial expression.

The scraping tchnique of the Korean peninsula was undoubtedly transmitted from the Chizou ware, and the fish of the faint expression should be the source of the Thailand’s Sawankhalok painting wares. This jar tells how the Chizou ware was pioneering for the unique artifacts of other regions after ages.

The inside is beautiful with no trace of used, but the base shows an old aspects. There is a crack in the bottom part that has been fired, and it has been repaired, but if you put water in for a long time, it is reccomended to use a inner vase.

W14cm × H11cm
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