Joseon Dynasty Octagonal Jar Covered With Brown Glaze | Korea, 19C


A Octagonal jar from the end of the Joseon Dynasty, excavated in present North Korea. It is a miscellaneous container for storing a honey or condiment.

In Joseon Dynasty era, the dynasty excluded Buddhism and adopted Confucianism as the governing philosophy. The influence from the Confucianism scripture “The Book of Changes” is strong as seeing the national flag of Kingdom of Great Joseon, and the octagonal chamfering of this jar is sourced from the Tai Chi diagram and Eight Trigrams.

The large size and colored in deeper black-blown of this jars are often find in South Korea and Japan and else where but this littele handy size and colored in dark green is pretty rare. Although the lid is combined with not original but it fits very well with the body.

There are several chips on the lid and a tiny glaze peeling. Although it is sturdy made, no water leakage.

W10cm × H9cm
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