Toupouri Woven Hat | Kirdi, North Central Africa, Early 20C

¥33,000 JPY

The Kirdi is a broad, collective name for a number of ethnic groups living in northern Cameroon, southeastern Nigeria, and southwestern Chad, who are mostly non Muslim in their belives. This piece is from one of those tribe called Toupouri people and it has weared for thier traditional dance called gourna. Each tribes of Kirdi have their own way to weave, unique shape and decoration which sometimes concerned with their shape of houses.

This hat was made in the early to mid 20 century however this is still retains its shape through dense weaving even it was made morethan half century ago, and has a distinctive color that is infused with the red soil of Africa .

It is in very good condition, except that the upper straps are frayed.

W18cm × H12cm
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