Kosugi Ware Green Glazed Bottle

¥40,000 JPY

A Kosugi ware bottle fired from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era. It has a unique shape close to a truncated cone, and the pale-coloured copper-green glaze is applied on the outer surface.

Kosugi ware began in the vicinity of former Kosugi-cho, Imizu-gun, Toyama prefecture by Yoemon Takahata, who learned pottery at Ohori-Soma (Miyagi pref.) around 1816. It boasted a graceful and sophisticated work that was not like a local kiln, but it was abandoned after four generations of operations. This piece, which is probably made for the soba dipping sauce bottle, is also a delicate work that does not seem to be a daily item. An excellent product with skilful mouth-making, which cuts off the liquid, is full of beauty of usage.

There is a minor chip on the edge of the mouth, and a hairline is running into the crackle glaze, but it is not noticeable, and there is no leakage. Come with a box.

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