Mehrgarh Clay Figure | Pakistan, 3500BCE – 2500BCE

¥27,000 JPY

This figure is found from Mehrgarh site in Pakistan. Mehergarh is a Neolithic site dated BC7000 to BC2500, which lies on the Kacchi Plain of Balochistan, Pakistan. This piece is from Mehergarh VII B Period, 3500BCE to 2500BCE.

A hand-built pottery female “Venus” figure. This figure boasts a slender waist above ample hips, angular shoulders tracing down to bent arms, and globular breasts covered with broad collars with circle necklace decoration. The characteristically elongated heads are defined by impressed eyes, a perky nose, a slender mouth, and an elegant veil on top.

Similar pieces are found throughout the region, although their meaning is unclear however it represent how unique imagination and simbolism of ancient people and culture.

A tiny chip on nose but very good condition as an exavated piece.

W4.5cm × H11cm
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