Karatsu Ware Ash Glazed Sake Cup

A Ko-garatsu sake cup fired in the Komoridani kiln in the early Edo period. It has a blossom-shaped open lip, the wall rises vertically from its rounded hip, and has Tokin in the centre of the crescent moon shape base. These are the characteristics of the Komoridani kiln located in Arita-cho, Matsura-gun, which is said to be operated for only about ten more years from approximately 1600 and is known for producing Kawakujira-type vessels. This piece should be categorised into Muji-Karatsu with its greenish ash glaze, but the mystical blueish-white splashes by the kiln alteration and shrunk glazes on the other side create magnificent scenery.

There are no noticeable defects other than a single minor chip the old Kintsugi repairs on the lip, but it is in excellent condition for this kind of Ko-garatsu sake cup. It fits in a box and comes with a Shifuku (drawstring pouch).

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