Sawankhalok Celedon Jar With Two Handles | Thailand, 16-17C

¥12,000 (tax included)

A small jar made around the 16th-17th century in Sawankhalok, Thailand’s largest ceramic kilns area at that moment.

Thai pottery style reached to the peak around the 13th to 14th century by technical guidance by Chinese potters. Starting from imitation of Song and Yuan celadon and blue and white porcelain, the later they began to show a style that has more specialized by them, but they ebbed and abandoned the kilns around the 17th century.

This small jar has an unique shape and details, probably a late-stage product that become a rough made. There are impurities in the body cray and graze was wildly dipped, the rim is covered with “Suzutsugi” (tin restored) in which great combination of the color and those rough details paradoxically make this piece one and only.

It made with cracle graze as a whole, and there is a mark from burning process on the base. Except for repairs, there is no remarkable damage and no water leakage.

W13cm × H13cm
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