Eastern Han Dynasty Lead Brown Glazed Pottery Dish with Green Glaze Decoration


A brown glazed small dish fired in the the Eastern Han—an example reminiscent of the Sancai glaze, with three lines of green glaze, applied from the rim. There are three spur marks on the base, which show the brick-like reddish clay. In the Han dynasty’s low-fired lead-glazed pottery, brown glaze (iron oxide) appeared first and was replaced by green glaze (copper oxide). While a large amount of green-glazed pottery has been excavated, there are much fewer examples of brown-glazed pottery excavated.
Among them, brown glaze green decoration like this piece is very rare.

By the technical difficulty of that era, the green glaze easily flakes off, but this piece maintains its glaze and only slightly deteriorates. The front face glaze was slightly transparent, and a vivid halation appeared in the well. There are several minor chips on the rim and scratches everywhere, but the condition is excellent as the piece from the era.

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