Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Muji-Hakeme Type Teabowl


A Buncheong ware flat teabowl fired in the early Joseon Dynasty. It is commonly known as “Dumbung” in Korea and “Muji Hakeme” or “Muan Kohiki” in Japan, which is applied with the dipping technique of soaking the front face in the slip. The name Muan Kohiki is derived from the fact that most of this type was produced in Muan-gun in the western part of Jeollanam-do. This piece is attractive for its thick white slip that droops down and the lustrous skin with use. A tasteful white slip and the contrast with the grey background create an outstanding impression.

The hairline extending from the lip is repaired with Kintsugi, and the gold is peeled off in some parts. The lip is partially worn, but it is already stylized. There is a minor glaze flaking on the glaze drops on the exterior. It comes with a box.

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